100% Money-Back Guarantee

If we’re unable to remove any items at all after 6 rounds of service, we will refund you the fee.  It’s rare, but when it happens, we don’t make you pay for it.


A Unique Approach

At Prep My Cred, our goal is to help you understand your own credit situation. Due to a large variety of possible situations, each of our clients goes through a thorough process so that our team can figure out the specific steps to take.


Unlimited Customized Disputes

Four or forty-four, we dispute them all, and use proprietary strategies we’ve found to be the most effective depending on the characteristics of each individual account.


Permanent Results

Most companies, whether they pay someone else to handle the disputes or they do it themselves, use generic template letters to improve efficiency in their process.  The problem with this is two-fold.  Not only is the eOscar system extremely sophisticated when it comes to spotting duplicates and trends, but sending letters just isn’t always the most effective method.


Account Manager

Just as your clients expect it from you, as a valued client of ours, you should expect the best quality customer service possible so that you know exactly what to expect every single step of the process.



Probably one of the biggest factors that Prep My Cred brings to the table that literally blows the competition out of the water is our knowledge base.  From how to handle objections, to upset clients, to expediting lead follow up; our training systems and videos take our clients to the next level.


Don’t use a company that sends out generic template letters, always uses the same dispute process, and only looks at you as a paycheck.  Our company was built on customer service and making not only Prep My Cred, but the brands we’ve built our name on, a household name.



We do our job, so you can finally focus on yours.